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 frances neil ( 1997) admin, rumour, portfolio 

 a collaboration with Laura Lord.

 as students on foundation we invented a fake student, Francis Neil, whom we enrolled and made work for, largely from the   discarded work of other students. 

 a full set of application and attendance admin was placed in official school files. 

 a complete portfolio, made in a day, was submitted for assessment. she scored very high marks. 

 we spread rumours about her suspension from the course. 


fn cleaner.jpg

 frances neil self-portrait   

fn student form.png

 frances neil enrolment form   


 frances neil admin and documentation   

fn portfolio 2.jpg

 frances neil portfolio   

fn assessment.jpg

 frances neil marking   

 frances neil (2018) cyranoid recording, facsimile admin and portfolio 

 on Frances Neil's 21st birthday she was exhibited as a faulty copy of herself. 

 the portfolio was reproduced in a day, as were the clearly reproduced documents. 

 after extensive interviews about what we each remembered, the misremembered parts were re-recorded using cyranoid   techniques with two non actors. The discussion was put sightly out of synch, resulting in a subtly stilted and false testimony.     

Frances Neil Cyranoid RecordingArtist Name
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