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Graduate Show on Mars


The planet is currently fucked.

We are doing our degree show on Mars.

Our Fine Art Degree Show is going ahead and on schedule. We are not simply making do. We are

trying to understand the chaos, fear and stasis which we are all currently experiencing

and using it. That is one of many secret powers artists provide.

The response of these art students for their grad show, is a multiverse, as series of

possible worlds where you can encounter the variety and complexity of their individual

and collaborative practices. Using the newest detailed 3D scans of Mars from NASA to

create their exhibition space, the viewer can enter the exhibition on Mars through the ****** Mars

crater. You can travel the surface of the exhibition within Mars horizontally. You will find things on Mars

which each represent a graduating artist and enter these digitally, stepping into further dimensions of this

artist’s work. You can move from artist to artist, or teleport though wormholes, seeing each artist's

response to the different environments and different times. There are many portal elements to student’s

work and their artistic response to the effects of the pandemic.

Emerging artists are emerging into a world very different to that which they had

anticipated. Artists respond to the world as they find it, they reflect it, find meaning and build on the

experience. The Degree Show on Mars is not simply showcasing the extraordinary talent and resilience of

our graduating artists, it is a means by which we can document and decipher our life now, discovering

unanticipated ways we move through.




This exhibition has been documented using Matterport 3D software. An excellent team at LJMU have made this possible. The

digital staff are:






The concept for the multiverse show on Mars is by artist Rory Macbeth - head of Fine Art in LJMU and he is also the main organiser for the show.

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